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Here's a Tako

2022.01.20 02:20 Decrilus Here's a Tako

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2022.01.20 02:20 Weinapple [H] $$$ FAT STACKS [W] BIG BUG (Dimachaeron) [Loc] FL, US

Looking to get my hands on a Dimachaeron, preferably painted. If not painted then at least assembled.
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2022.01.20 02:20 IZY53 I responded to a writing prompt, looking for some feedback it is young adult coming of age modern day fantasy. Two chapters, action focused.

Part one Starlight
Comfort came at night, the stars called him by name, a celestial whisper, "Ronnie, you are beautiful, Ronnie you are strong'. though very faint, Ronnie was aware that each one cared for him he knew it. Ronnie sat on the roof of his home in Leeston. Here the stars shone bright away from the city, since they moved here he had been growing in strength, he didn't need to sleep if he was exposed to star light. But there was more. A lot more.
It was an impulse in him that had been growing for the last three months. the stars wanted him to grow in strength. Standing on top of the second story of his knew home Ronnie stood on the edge of the roof looking down. A fall from here would hurt him at best at worst kill him But the edge, the void it beckoned him.
"We are with you, we call you, come to us..." the stars called. Ronnie knew it was them and that he must step off, he lifted his foot, beads of sweat rolled down his forehead. Fear filled his heart. "We are with you Ronnie. Come to us." they called again. fighting the fear he lifts his foot again. This time he puts it over the edge.
Ronnie plunges towards the ground, before he could scream he bursts into energy, light sparkles, as if a million small pieces of dust. For a moment it feels like he is being torn into shreds, but then his mind gathers again. completely free , gravity has so little pull. Being able to see in all ways at once is extremely disorientating. Ronnie starts to learn how ot focus his vision through one aspect of his new body
"We love you Ronnie, this is a gift, you can become like us, free, try it" the stars told him.
Pulling his thoughts tighter he is able to move, at first slowly he rises above his home. He looks down and he can see the township, the church, the school, the war memorial and the shops. All there. I must be 500 meters in the air. higher, I must go higher, within an instant Ronnie is higher, a jarring short space of time he is high above the canterbury plane, able to see into the west coast, the city of Christchurch, even down to Dunedin or is it Timaru? The speed of the travel is disorientating.
Quickly Ronnie realizes something is wrong. Something, large, heavy, overbearing is near by. A mass vibration starts shake Ronnies stardust body. HE feels the grips of his mind being torn at again. Like he is being pulled a part from the inside out. Panic. the vibrations hold him, he is unable to move, focusing his vision becomes strained. He is unable to see. He is held prisoner by some outside force.
IT was at the last moment that he realized what was happening, being a jet enthuisasit he realized that he would have been in the flight path of it Air New Zealand flight 305 from Sydney, a 777 Boeing Jet. He felt the full roar of the engine pulling on his new body. The tearing of his was a traumatic experience, being light a darkness never came, Ronnie felt himself scatter into a million little pieces. He wanted to vomit, he wanted to scream but he could not.
Ronnie woke to the sound of purring engine of a Toyota Hilux, and the smell of cow shit "Ya right mate? Hell of night one the piss to end up naked with my cows." A ladies voice said. Ronnie looked around he was surrounded by 25 cows, all curious to him being in their field. and he was naked. "Im Lisa, get on the back, ill take you to town after milking." said the young lady. she threw him a heavy jacket to wear. "Thank you, miss" Ronnie said.
As he sat down on the back of the Hilux, Ronnie became aware that though it was early in the morning the sun bore down on him. Like its energy was directed to him. "I am the rage of the fury of the Sun. I have found you. I will send my children to kill you."
Part 2 The Rage of the Fury of the Sun
Exhausted, Ronnie watched the lady who picked him up work diligently milking the cows, she had sun scorched legs, wearing green and white rugby shorts, black gumboots and a red and black swandry jacket, she had golden hair, for someone who looked like a mum, she was hot. The milking shed stunk of cow crap and for a moment the smell of cow shit was the most intrusive part of the morning for Ronnie. But it soon changed, as the sun moved and shone Ronnie skin, he could feel it watching him, bearing down on him. The sun somehow hated him.
Ronnie curled up in the shade on the back cast by the cab of the hilux, waiting for this lady to finish her work. She approached him after the last cow was milked an ushered off into a field. "Hey mate, I am Lisa, what is your name?" she said.
With some hesitancy in her voice. "Ronald R. Henderson." he said. "Where are you from?" from she asked.
"I live in Leeston, Miss." He said.
"Lets get you home." she said.
The Hilux bounced a long a long dirt road, the conversation left Ronnie ruminating on his own thoughts, she knew something, Ronnie picked up on that much at least. Maybe, the sun or stars spoke to her too. Maybe she knew I was a freak.
It seemed like an hour of bouncing down the dirt road before the Hilux came to a sudden stop, Ronnie looked around. All he could see from the back of the truck were cows to his left and cows and mountains to his right. The mountains looked different further away than usual. There were hills, to the south. He was not in Leeston anymore. He felt the truck come gently to a stop and then Lisa put her head out of the window.
"What are more of you kids doing on my farm?" she called out.
"We are here for the boy called Ronnie, give him to us and you will be spared" A young man replied.
These words sent a shiver down the spine of Ronnie he shrunk down as far as he could below the level of the cab of the truck, the suns gaze met him. You will die now little boy, the Rage of the Fury of the Sun has come to you.
"Yeah, well you all can go and get fucked you little shits." she said. The engine of the Hilux roared into life and dirt and stones flew everywhere as the wheels spun on the ground. The rear wheels drifted to the side as the Hilux powered past three children, a large pacific island boy, an Asian girl, and a white boy, all of them looked as similar age to Ronnie. The rear of the truck nipped the Asian girl and she went flying into a ditch.
"Hold on mate!" Lisa called out.
Ronnie pinned his eyes to the three children as they sped off. A sphere of flame burst around the pacific island boy and then the other and the Asian girls rose from the ditch and she too burst into flame. They rose high into the air and then started rocketing towards the Hilux. Ronnie taped on the cab window, motioning to Lisa to look back. She looked intently in the rear view mirror after a long moment, her eyes widened, she opened the back window on of the cab, “Get in!” she said.
Like a greased eel the bare assed Ronnie slid into the cab. “What the hell hell is going on?” Lisa asked him.
“Well, the stars talk to me and the sun wants to kill me. Well that is what the voices in my head tell me anyway.” Ronnie replied.
There was a long moment of silence, Lisa looked into the rear view mirror again, this time she saw long bursts of flame come from one of the children. A cow let out a shriek and burst into flame. “Either I am as crazy as you are or this is what we are dealing with right now. Under the seat is a shotgun, get it out!” Lisa told him.
Ronnie reached under and found the gun, it had twin long black cylinders, coming from the country Ronnie new how to check and load this type of shotgun, he went about doing so. There were for cartridges, enough for two shots. “Its ready for you to shoot miss.” Ronnie said.
“I am driving, you can either shot or drive I can't do both.” she told him.
Ronnie loaded the gun and gave Lisa solemn nod.
The three children started building up speed moving closer and closer to the Hilux, the truck was traveling at 80km an hour as they were roaring down dirt roads. The kids were moving faster and faster. Bursts of flame left to the children striking fields a head of the Hilux. Dry grass lite instantly into flame. The Asian girl pulled up beside Lisa in Hilux. “Give him to us and you will live, woman!” she shrieked.
Gently Ronnie lifted the shotgun, bringing it with in a few inches of the girls face. Lisa’s eyes widened. A look of terror filled the girls face. Ronnie pulled the trigger. A boom filled the cab. The girl dropped to the ground. Lisa fought to maintain control of the truck. It rocked from left to right. The two boys started moving faster towards the cab. The went down the right side of the cab as it was rocking down the road. The smashed there shoulders into the side of the cab. Adding momentum to the sway of the truck.
Ronnie began to reload the shotgun, this time with one of the cartridges. He needed to shoot both of the boys if he was to be safe. Lisa regained control of the truck and pushed down harder on the accelerator, leaving the two boys behind. The road was still just dirt and stones, the Hilux bounced along the road, currently faster than the two boys.
Ronnie slipped back through the cabs window into the truck bed with the shotgun. The two boys in cones of fire bore down and raced towards the cab. Ronnie pressed himself down on the bed of the truck. He waited. Light began to shine the light of the flame encroached on the Hilux. Ronnie, naked as the day he was born stood up as quickly as he could. He braced himself, took aim at the smaller of the two boys and discharged the shotgun.
He hit this boy square in the chest. He dropped to the ground. Dead. The pacific island boy a barrel rolled to the right, out of the range of Ronnie. The truck began to turn to the right, the pacific island boy wreathed in flame made his move. He shot at the tire of the truck, it burst. Ronnie went flying into the air, landing in a field, and the truck rolled into the same field. Everything went black for Ronnie.
When he came too, Ronnie saw flames covering all of the ground near him. Ronnie saw Lisa was unconscious in the Hilux, the rear wheels were spinning fast as the truck was on its roof now on its roof. Ronnie ran over to her. “Lisa, Lisa” he called.
There was no response, blood was coming from her head, around her ear, she was breathing rapidly. Ronnie squirmed into the cab and started fishing around for her seatbelt. The pacific island boys foot came crashing down on Ronnie's back, pain seared throughout his body. “Got ya, star boy.” he said.
He dragged him out of the cab by his feet. “Why are you doing this?” Ronnie asked.
“I don’t know, the sun told me he will give me more power if I kill you.” He replied.
With a cold stare the boy sat on Ronnies chest and with fists wreathed in flame began to punch him in the face. “Help me!” Ronnie called out.
His cry was directed at the stars he spoke to at night. There was no help. The large pacific island boy punched him in the head until life left Ronnie body.
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2022.01.20 02:20 new_england_guy_21 Spam From Gmail Addresses with Plus Sign to Outlook Address

For the past month I've been getting several spam emails per day, all of which are from Gmail addresses such as the following:
easycanvas-Prlnts*44397 <[kamilawsantos+v7fh04TKdWKDCHwYcgfTNe@gmail.com](mailto:kamilawsantos+v7fh04TKdWKDCHwYcgfTNe@gmail.com)>
Naturally-Clears-Mucus741362 <[shuvoshuvo50538+2rHavGCcVkHSY1Zptmxe65@gmail.com](mailto:shuvoshuvo50538+2rHavGCcVkHSY1Zptmxe65@gmail.com)>
Down-payment488213 <[islammahabul231+ik5iPYAQ0YBuWPMGhzDC7m@gmail.com](mailto:islammahabul231+ik5iPYAQ0YBuWPMGhzDC7m@gmail.com)>
You'll see all also contain a shorter "first section", a plus sign, then a longer "second section". The body is often newspaper articles, shopping catalogs or financial blogs. Most have an unsubscribe button in their footers, but for those sites that show me what email I'm unsubscribing, it's always never my own, or the spam email's Gmail address.
I have an (at)msn(dot)com email (under my Microsoft/Outlook account) which is receiving these messages. Does anyone have any ideas what to do? I don't think I can set up any rules that could catch Gmail messages with a plus in them.
Below are a few one-time downloads of the message files if anyone is interested in looking at the headers. I was thinking I could have a rule find something in there.
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2022.01.20 02:20 Vegeta827 How is this S4 priced relative to the market?

It is a 2015 S4, very clean and zero accident history. The problem is the mileage/price.
It is driven 101,000 KMs (63,000 miles) and it is listed for $31,900 CAD ($25,500 USD).
It is at a dealership, so what do you guys think? Also, how can I bargain this down?
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2022.01.20 02:20 Snoopcat563 Spider-man mythics are a terrible addition

They are definitely fun to use as far as getting around the map, but I can’t recall a time where I would get 3rd partied more than I do now. There are way too many around the map and pretty much every player has one in a match. I’m hoping they’ll balance them a bit more soon.
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2022.01.20 02:20 Horton124 What's y'all favorite Deez nutz joke?

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2022.01.20 02:20 morbidlymordant Anyone else's allergies worse this year?

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2022.01.20 02:20 CptBrexitt Question regarding Maggotkin and deamons

Just got the start-collecting Maggotkin box and have a question. How do the mortal portion (blightkings and such) work with daemons? Can I field a Great Unclean one, got will I just be summoning plaugebearers mostly?
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2022.01.20 02:20 singular54 No visuals after catching COVID

The visual effects of DMT have been less than 10% of their normal strength since catching covid-19 one month ago. I can still feel the other effects just fine. Over 35mg vaporized still reliably gives the sensation of "oh shit I fucked up this time," but the visuals are barely visible. Has this happened to anybody else? I'm really hoping this isn't permanent.
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2022.01.20 02:20 Don_bigdog_paco27 Foreshadowing

On a rewatch right now, and I don’t know why I didn’t pick it up before : in the Boca episode (S1) when Tony tells Melfi : "if my daughter ever tried to kill herself,…", then reacts emotionally. Crazy to think that years later he’d have to deal with AJ’s attempt. Some sad shit! He said he didn’t wanna live no more
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2022.01.20 02:20 FormAcademic5666 well shit

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