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Microneedling HELP - infection or other risks

2021.11.30 14:29 hahagakaycgmw Microneedling HELP - infection or other risks

I ordered the Dr. Pen M8. Can I use the 1.5 mm every other week for my hairline? I don’t want to get an infection. And tbh I’m scared that I might die from doing this as I heard you can hit a blood vessel or something that could seriously hurt me. I’m sorry if this is dumb, but please help
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2021.11.30 14:29 TheCoder55 A cursed mind - Who's here?

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2021.11.30 14:29 Quactus_ Took the cuts this morning. Will be posting for sale later.

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2021.11.30 14:29 Thee-Renegade Former Penn State DC Brent Pry named Virginia Tech Football head coach - Virginia Tech Athletics

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2021.11.30 14:29 fearlessviking26 If the Vikings actually manage to make the playoffs I feel a 2007 Giants run coming.

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2021.11.30 14:29 Freekmagnet How To Build a Subframe Platform for Easy Engine/Transmission Removal

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2021.11.30 14:29 Better_me_01 Wierd Stalking with police involvment?

2019 or so i did find a family in Instagram. I did start chatting with the mom and did really like them. After i found out some really bad storys i endet the contact.
After feeling worried for someone i contactet a person on youtube. This person told me that i get stalket and that people put drugs and poison in my food. They did it this way : The did something to our car and because of that i needet a new one. They put a car online they asumed i would buy and the trick was that they did keep a key. So they can get to my car if they wantet .
They gave hints on their bigs instagram accounts. But i didnt understand them at that time. After i accused them with this story they deletet all their social media relatet to some person.
I still get followed and stalked and i get death threats. Because of the way i got followed and other proof i have i believe there are rough police officers involved. I know names and adresses. But we are afraid that we get killed or that something else happens to us.
They work with poison and are maybe relatet to rockers ( but they try to hide their tracks.So not sure.)
Not everybody in my family believes be. But some do and they are afraid.
They crimes they are doing have to do with drugs and prostitution.
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2021.11.30 14:29 jcn143 question?

has anyone had luck with transferring two Day 3 embryos?
the embryologist has expressed concern regarding the fragmentation of both. One being 8 cells and 15% fragmentation and the other 6 cells with 10-15% fragmentation.
our doctor seems optimistic… but he recommends to transfer both at the same time. is he just being kind..?
reason for asking is so I can manage my expectations?
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2021.11.30 14:29 mj1003 Super SIM or Programmable Wireless Sim - Outbound/Inbound Calling

Hi all-
I'm having a lot of trouble finding documentation on setting up inbound/outbound calling for Twilio SIMs. I could have sworn it was an option a few years ago and I'm not seeing it anymore.
Do Twilio SIM cards not support making/receiving calls over PSTN?
My goal was to route inbound/outbound calls from a PBX over SIP and treating the mobile device as an extension of the PBX.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.11.30 14:29 aeradyren Great first date, talking every day since—but no second date? When's the time to move on? (New to app dating)

So I (29F) got out of a long-term relationship in the summer, and I've recently decided to start slowly stepping into the dating world. Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about dating apps and dating strangers, because I've only dated friends of friends before!
Anyway, I matched with someone (32M) on OkCupid—and then two days later, we accidentally met in real life on a group hike. Fast forward a week, and we ended up on another hike, and hung out at a brewery after. The next day, he asked me if I wanted to go on an actual date, and I agreed. I thought it was a good sign that he still wanted to go on a real date after meeting me in person twice. We went bowling on the Sunday before Thanksgiving and had a really fun, engaging time. Definitely chemistry there (teasing, flirting, legs touching, all that), and we've texted every day since then.
He's a really cool guy, and we have a good balance of similar and different interests. I'd love to go on a second date. But he hasn't said or asked anything about one, and he didn't respond to any of my hints. The closest we got was me saying, "Oh, you'll have to tell me about that if we hang out again or end up on another hike together," and him responding with, "Oh, I'm sure we'll end up on the same hikes for the foreseeable future."
It is sort of a weird time, of course, with us being away for Thanksgiving, but it's been over a week since the first date, and he hasn't said anything about a second date. I also noticed that he changed around some of his OKC pictures, which implies he's still looking. I'm a "one guy at a time" sorta girl, but I still pop on there because I'm looking for friends, too. I'm wondering if I'm just one of many current options for him. A reality of app dating, I know, but a weird one for someone who's never done it.
I DID finally ask him last night if he'd like to do something again, and because of his work schedule, I know I won't hear back from him until late tonight. I'm now all worried: was I too bold? Since he initiated the first date, is it up to him to initiate a second? Did we not have the chemistry I thought? Is he only interested in me as a new friend? I know I shouldn't be attached to whatever his answer is, but I still am a little. I actually had a nightmare that he let me down easy, haha.
I'd love some advice on how to handle situations like this in the future, especially how to tell if a guy isn't interested, or if he's waiting for me to make the next move! (And also, how to moderate the disappointment of having my little bits of hope dashed, and how to keep moving along.) Thank you all for reading!
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2021.11.30 14:29 RollyNop I haven't been to my data structures class since September and the final is in two days. what do

my Prof posted a review of stuff we should know, what's the best resources to cram?
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2021.11.30 14:29 mikewickens Hi NEW Stylish Sports WatchFace - Coupons in comment

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2021.11.30 14:29 jb10rvd Lost my Weavile and need a replacement before we head to the Elite 4. Any suggestions? Bonus if it can deal with Cynthia's better.

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2021.11.30 14:29 alnrod2021 Does anyone have any at home tips for reliving pressure and pain? Mattress? Brace? Traction? Thank you

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2021.11.30 14:29 l_am_not_bob New holiday battleship skin is looking good

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2021.11.30 14:29 densandwitch Issues with Wacom Cintiq 16

So I'm really new to both drawing and drawing digitally especially, and I have a huge problem. Both Clip Studio and Sai I am unable to draw on the canvas using my mouse, nor my drawing tablet with its pen. I have gone to preferences and changed it to the other thing or whatever, but it's still not working. The weird thing is, I can actually draw on Clip Studio, but only when I'm on the adjusting pen pressure screen for some reason. Does anyone know the solution to this issue or do I need to draw on Microsoft Paint forever (cause that somehow works with the pen and mouse)?
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2021.11.30 14:29 slashytrashy [SEARCHING] TH 13 / Looking for a clan for CWL

Hi. Im looking for a clan that allows me to partcipate in CWL. Crystal league 3 and up preferably. If u like the vibe of your clan i will stay. Have a great day mates.
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2021.11.30 14:29 Xummon My rescue trio

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2021.11.30 14:29 Single-Box-890 Roblox.vhs

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2021.11.30 14:29 tkc5869 JamesBonk, new Stealth launch with Charity donations! $50k Market cap, 1 day old

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2021.11.30 14:29 adrianmanuel91 Streamer noob

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2021.11.30 14:29 Nos-taIgia recommendations for $100-150 closed-back headphones?

I've been looking for headphones for a short while and I was wondering which products you guys would recommend. Also, if a DAC would even do anything for headphones at this price range. Cheers in advance!
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2021.11.30 14:29 Sync_00 Merican chad?

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2021.11.30 14:29 Mr_Wzrd_Inc Shipping

Hey guys! I have a quick question about the shipping. I know it was backed up like 3 weeks but I ordered mine a on Friday and it shipped in a week. Did they like upgrade the shipping or stock up? Just want to make sure it’s not a fake one, I mean I got it from the right site but the quick shipping threw me off
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2021.11.30 14:29 WhiskedIgloo Jumping into the Phantasy Star series from 2 - Safe?

Hey there, was just wondering if it's okay for me to jump into the Phantasy Star series from 2. I've got the SEGA Mega Drive Collection for the PS3 and it's missing the first game so I was wondering if I could just jump straight into 2 without missing out on too much.
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